Take notes, draw, doodle and sketch in real-time, edit and share with multiple users simultaneously!

Write-Live gives you access to an endless blank canvas that allows you to create, edit and share; schematics, plans, designs, sketches, drawings, handwritten notes and any type of graphic reporting all in real time and with the option of simultaneous multi-user collaboration.


On Write-Live you come together to create, share, inspire, play, give life to your dreams on a limitless canvas that can be accessed anywhere at anytime; never again loose that moment when inspiration strikes you!

Infinite zoom ability on a multi-user canvas

Don’t just visualise – materialise with Write-Live! Express yourself in style and connect with other likeminded folk across the globe. Great for real-time presentations, boardroom reporting, training and teaching.

Share in real time over the net

Don’t have the words or time to express your complicated ideas? Quickly and simply get your ideas out of your head and into reality! Make sketches and share your ideas using Write-Live, instantly bringing them to life with colour and animation and allow others to add their ideas at the same time.

Accessible from all your devices

Be in the bath, on the plane, or on the train and still ‘be’ at that meeting; share your work on Write-Live in real time. Allow others to edit, respond, shape and re-design your ideas – as you edit, respond, shape and re-design ideas in another time zone. Work together on your projects whilst you’re apart from any Android Device or PC Browser

Deep zoom action on a shared canvas

Symbols and sketches are the languages of our minds so do not burden your ideas with words, share them as you see them using Write-Live, as a stream of the conscious across a limitless canvas – zoom in and out of the intricate scribbles on your canvas and diagrams.

Share real time over the net

The ease and accessibility of Write-Live will help you share those fleeting ideas NOW! Let your dreams pour out onto a blank canvas; see your thoughts take shape as you define them on paper and invite others to join you – adding their own styles and thoughts. Tune into your subconscious and stream your ideas across an endless white landscape; share, shape, and grow your ideas into actions. Inspire and be inspired; allow your friends, muses and mentors to merge their ideas with yours, all in real time.

Accessible from all your devices

No time to email or call ? Use Write-Live to share your designs with others and effect immediate annotations and additions. No misinterpretations, no delays, instant, real-time collaborative working across land, air and sea from any Android device or PC Browser. There is no distance greater than that between your ideas and your actions. In order to facilitate change and stay fresh you must act quickly. Now you can save all your sketchy ideas in one place that can be shared and edited on the go by multiple users.

Frequent questions

When we tested our app here’s what our testers wanted to know, but you might have more questions, we’re always seeking to make improvements so let us know what you want on your Write-Live app!

What are the writing tool choices?

The best user experience is with a native pen. Here Wacom based pens are the choice. Capacity pens - simulating finger - are also supported

How many users can you share with?

The number ... is not limited. We teststed it with more than 60. It should be enough for most purposes

When would it be possible to draw from PC browser

This is work in progress. Currently all users can draw from android application. A drawing can be viewed from PC. When you send an email with a shared document link it can be opened by both a PC browser and the android application

Can I access it at the same time as others?

Yes, you can. You can edit the same drawing simultaneously with other users. Your editing actions are going to be visible to other users.

Are my drawings secure ?

Currently you have to log in via one of your google accounts registered on your android device. You drawings can be viewed by anyone who knows the document sharing link.

Can I embed my drawings on the website ?

You can. The document you draw can be embedded using the following code <iframe width=800px height="800px" style="border: 0" src="http://docs.write-live.com/webview.html?d=0451d7d9-918a-45b9-bf32-e710a93ac21b"></iframe>

What You Can Do With Write-Live

Here are some examples of what our app is capable of being used for:

Collaborate over the same drawing

Create design document. View from PC, draw from tablet

Relax, meditate and create some art

About our team

We have been working very hard to design our app. Finally, it's ready. It comes with cool sharing features. Check it out now!

Paweł Magnowski

Rocket scientist who cannot afford to be one. Instead, I do something challenging.

Wojciech Michalik

Notorious rebel against everything imperfect in this universe.

Michał Michalik

Lazy, simple minded professional game player contributing ideas from time to time.